Welcome to the North Pocono School District!  We are thrilled to have you join our district.  The registration process is designed to capture a wide variety of information that is necessary to comply with local, state, and federal requirements.  Let's get stared...


In order to have your student educated by the North Pocono School District, the following criteria must be met:

NOTEThe registration process is not complete and a student is not enrolled until all required documents have been received and processed by the Central Registration Office. 

To ensure your child will be enrolled and able to start school on the first day, please have their registration completed with all documentation into the school by August 1, 2023. Any registrations that do not have all required documentation in or are submitted after August 1, 2023, cannot be guaranteed to begin on the first day of school.

To Submit your Enrollment Application click the Red Button.

Other Important Things to Note